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¡DIG IT! GARLIC Scapes Grinder Jar

¡DIG IT! GARLIC Scapes Grinder Jar

SKU: SC0015

We often get asked what are garlic scapes.  Scapes are the stalks that grow up from the bulb of the hardneck garlic plant, avaiable for just a few short weeks in early June.  Harvesting the stalks enables the garlic plant to send all of its energy into increasing the size of our garlic bulbs.  A win-win for both of us! You get to enjoy the sought- after-by-chef scapes and we get bigger bulbs. Who doesn't love that?!!


After harvesting, we dehydrate them so you can enjoy their mild, sweet like chive flavor, all year round.  We keep it clean and do not add salt or preservatives.  It's just one awesome ingredient:   our garlic scapes, so grind away!  These sell our quickly, so grab one now before they're gone.  They won't be available again until next season once they're sold out.


Midwest Grown, Grind Your Own

  • Storage Tips

    Store in a cool dry place, with cap on lid

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