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Welcome to ¡Dig It! Garlic, your source for fresh grown, hardneck garlic bulbs and awesome garlic products.  Our company mantra is about growing the freshest, best tasting garlic without using any chemicals or harmful products. All of our garlic is naturally grown. We lovingly plant, grow, harvest, dry and clean all of our garlic which is grown in our Midwest town of Libertyville, Illinois.

OUR MISSION:  Here at ¡Dig It! Garlic we understand the need for great tasting garlic.  Nothing beats adding fresh garlic to a treasured family recipe or baking garlic bulbs to enjoy on fresh, warm bread.

We also understand those of you who need our garlic 24/7-especially when not in season.  We've got you covered, too.  We offer grinder jars filled with 100% dehydrated garlic and dehydrated garlic scapes, enabling you to easily add the taste of fresh garlic whenever you may need it, with a simple grind. Naturally grown,  we keep it clean and don't add any salt or additives.  It's just one ingredient: 

              ¡DIG IT! GARLIC

            MIDWEST GROWN,

            GRIND YOUR OWN™️

We've recently introduced the ¡Dig It Garlic Powder Pak, our garlic powder, which we make ourselves, conveniently packed in a single serve packet which we make ourselves. Ready to be sprinkled on your away-from-home lunch or dinner.  Throw one in your purse or pocket for easy accessible garlic. The ¡Dig It! Garlic Powder Pak, great tasting garlic wherever you're at.

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